Frequently Asked Questions

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What is RYLA?
RYLA is an excellent professional development opportunity for a young person in your workplace. A team of young professionals run the seminar to develop the leadership skills and personal potential of all participants. 
Who pays for RYLA?

In short, the sponsoring Rotary club pays for the entire development program.  All Rotary Clubs in District 9780 are dedicated to providing opportunities for young people to develop their leadership skills to their full potential. Most RYLA participants take holidays

While the program is designed in a way that does not cost businesses financially, several larger employers see the training as so valuable they pay the participants their wage while they are at the seminar. Not every employer has the training budget for these gestures so this is not expected of employers at all.

When is the RYLA Seminar held?
Easter School Holidays. For exact dates, please see the dates in the header (top right hand corner). 
What are the benefits to my business after my employee attends the seminar

“The benefits for council have been many. The significant increase in self-confidence, initiative, professionalism and motivation for each employee who has attended has been very evident to peers and management.” – Rod Nicholls CEO, Golden Plains Shire

Your employee will come back with a renewed sense of drive and purpose and skills and knowledge in the follow areas;

  • Development of leadership skills
  • Current leadership issues for young people
  • Public speaking and communication skills
  • Goal setting and motivation
  • Development of self-confidence and self esteem
  • Career Guidance

Please read testimonials for more insight into the benefits.

Where is the Seminar held?
Kangaroobie, Near Princetown. See location here 
Can my employee only attend part of the seminar?
No, it is a requirement of the seminar that they attend for the full 6 days.