Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I get to go to RYLA?
Contact us and include your full name, date of birth, address and phone numbers. Your information will be forwarded to the appropriate sponsor Rotary club for discussion and you can expect a phone call from them very soon.

2. How do I get to the RYLA Seminar?

Your sponsoring Rotary club will discuss transport arrangements with you. A Rotarian from the club may be available to take you to the seminar and back, or you may prefer to transport yourself.

3. What do I bring to RYLA?
All of your personal belongings for the duration of the seminar – in other words the required amount of jocks and socks and anything else you may like to wear! It is also handy to pack a change of clothes and shoes you don’t mind getting wet or dirty. Also bring some cash, small notes if possible (a ‘shop run’ is conducted every day for any essentials eg. Toothbrush, chocolate). You will also need to bring two towels, a sleeping bag and pillow. Please also ensure that you have suitable clothing for the RYLA Presentation Dinner on the last night of the seminar. The dress code for this is semi-formal – a dress or pants and top for girls and shirts and pants for guys, no denim or sneakers please. Folders, pens etc will be provided so you don’t need to bring any stationery.
NOTE For anyone that has musical or other talents, we also encourage you to bring along any instruments, music, equipment or props to contribute to our Concert.

4. I am going to RYLA alone and do not know anyone. Will everyone else know one another?
No! The majority of people who come to RYLA do so solo – and therefore have a great opportunity to meet and make new friends. We can confidently tell you that as well as RYLA being an amazing leadership and personal development program – it is a great social opportunity as well.

5. Does RYLA cost me anything?
RYLA does not cost participants anything financially – only your time. All costs of the seminar are covered by your sponsoring Rotary club, except for transport if you are getting there by your own means. After the seminar finishes you are obligated to go back to your sponsoring Rotary club to give a short presentation on your experience. That is all we ask of participants – not much for such a great opportunity! Also don’t forget some small notes for any essentials you may need throughout the seminar.

6. What type of accommodation will I be staying in?
The RYLA seminar is always held in a beautiful location somewhere within District 9780, this year at Kangaroobie. Accommodation is in comfortable, single sex dorms. The main seminar area has picturesque views and an amazing open fire. The food is awesome!

7. What kind of activities do we do at RYLA?
Your time at RYLA will include fun activities, interactive workshops and sessions, time outdoors and indoors, small and large group activities and free time to socialise with the other participants. You will be given a more detailed program when you arrive at the seminar.

8. I understand that RYLA is a drug and alcohol free seminar but can I smoke cigarettes?
Yes there is a designated smoking area at the seminar.

9. What type of people are chosen to attend RYLA?
The young people who go to RYLA are all aged 18-25 years and live, work, study or are originally from a location within District 9780 – please refer to the District Map Link. The program is designed to support those young people who are already in leadership positions either in their workplace, school or community as well as those who are keen to enhance their skills in this area. Everyone who attends RYLA does so because someone sees leadership potential in them. Sometimes people attend because they have heard about the program from a past participant and want to personally grow and develop. Lots of young people have done RYLA over the years varying in qualifications, interests and backgrounds. RYLA is beneficial for any young person who wants to learn more about themselves and others and is prepared to contribute their ideas and life experiences at the seminar.

10. How many other young people attend the RYLA seminar?
Approximately 40-50 young people from across district 9780 attend the seminar.

11. I can’t attend the whole seminar due to other commitments – can I attend part of the seminar?
No – to get the most out of the RYLA experience it is important you can commit to the whole 6 days. The last day concludes at around 12:30pm.

12. RYLA a whole week off work and away from friends and family – should I commit?
Yes – past participants would encourage you to do so.

13. What are the benefits to my employer if I attend?
Please find attached a brochure for employers about the benefits of RYLA. You can print this out and share with your employer if you would like to share more about the program. Benefits Brochure

14. Why have I been nominated to attend RYLA?
Because someone sees leadership potential in you and thinks you will contribute well to the semina