My nomination to go to RYLA has been accepted, What now?

You have been nominated to attend RYLA because someone sees leadership potential in you and thinks you will contribute well to the seminar.

  1. Download a participant pack(N/A), which includes a list of what to bring, some information for your employer, Maps on how to get to the camp
  2. Read our Frequently Asked Questions
  3. Organise time off work
  4. Pack your bags
  5. Enjoy the experience

How to organise time off with your employer:

  • Provide your employer with information on the seminar (see Employer pages or your Rotary club for fliers).
  • Explain that this is a great leadership development opportunity (with no cost to the business or the participant).
  • Get them to contact your local/sponsoring Rotary Club or the RYLA committee if they have any questions.
  • Keep in mind you need to attend the full 6 days of the seminar.