What is RYLA?

RYLA is the Rotary Youth Leadership Award an inspiring and challenging personal development and leadership program for young people 18 to 25 years. RYLA is a program of Rotary International the largest service organisation in the world.

RYLA began in Australia in Brisbane in the 1950’s and is now run by Rotary for young people throughout the world. Thousands of young people become RYLA graduates known as Rylarians every year. Check out our Links page to see other RYLA’s from around the world.

RYLA is a residential seminar held over 6 days. It is run by a dedicated and professional team of RYLA leaders who have a passion for working with young people and seeing them develop to their fullest potential. Many of them are former RYLA participants themselves. Check them out on the Leadership Team page.

Young people come to RYLA every year from many and varied backgrounds. Some are students, employees, employers, small business owners, farmers, community leaders and generally all-round fantastic people! RYLA is open to any young person who has the desire to grow personally and contribute to the seminar.

At RYLA, young people develop their leadership potential, set goals for their future, challenge themselves personally and have an amazing time with about 50 other great people their age.

Many Rylarians have described RYLA as a life-changing experience that has challenged them to grow and learn more about themselves and others giving them the skills and confidence to achieve more than they ever thought possible for themselves.

Even more great news! The costs of the RYLA Seminar are entirely borne by Rotary you just apply and if accepted, turn up and have the best week of your life.

Thanks Rotary!