The RYLA Experience

So you really want to know what the “Ryla Experience” is like?

Here are a few quotable quotes from RYLA participants…

“I’ve learnt so much about myself that I know I can achieve anything! Thankyou RYLA” – Ange

“This experience has touched my heart and soul in a way I know will stay with me forever” – Belinda

“I can’t believe the amount of power, encouragement, love and honesty that happens at RYLA. If anyone gets the opportunity TAKE IT!” -Terasa

“Wow, simply, well, just ummm… WOW! Lost for words” – Jimmy

“This camp was exactly the thing that I needed in this part of my life. Thankyou for allowing me to grow” – Deb

“An awesome journey to realise what I’ve always known and wanted. The action starts now!” – Aliesha

“The most rewarding, confronting and fulfilling thing I have ever done.” – Jase

“What a fantastic experience! Thankyou to all whom participated to make it what it was” – Benjamin

“Thanks for helping me realise I am beautiful just the way I am” – Nicole

“RYLA is learning to make the most of every moment. I met 62 beautiful people and finally met myself” – John

“We came as strangers with nothing and left as friends with knowledge to last a lifetime” – Kate

“Thankyou for giving me the tools and courage to become all I dream and want to be” – Kimberly