Frequently Asked Questions


What is RYLA?
RYLA is an excellent professional development opportunity for a young person in your workplace. A team of young professionals run the seminar to develop the leadership skills and personal potential of all participants.
What age are the RYLA participants?
RYLA participants in our district need to be between the ages of 18-25, when the seminar commences. See Eligibility  
When is the RYLA Seminar held?
First set of school holidays after the summer holidays. For exact dates, please see the header in the top right hand corner of this site.
Where is the Seminar held?
Kangaroobie, Near Princetown.See location here
What type of people are chosen to attend RYLA?
The young people who go to RYLA are all aged 18-25 years and live, work, study or are originally from a location within District 9780 – please refer to the District Map.

The program is designed to support those young people who are already in leadership positions either in their workplace, school or community as well as those who are keen to enhance their skills in this area. Everyone who attends RYLA does so because someone sees leadership potential in them. Sometimes people attend because they have heard about the program from a past participant and want to personally grow and develop.Lots of young people have done RYLA over the years varying in qualifications, interests and backgrounds.

RYLA is beneficial for any young person who wants to learn more about themselves and others and is prepared to contribute their ideas and life experiences at the seminar.

How to nominate someone for RYLA
Contact your club Youth/New generations committee for the applications forms, or alternatively contact us.
Where do we find young people to nominate?
  • Are you/do you know an employer with a potential young leader in the workplace?
  • Who has presented to your club who works with local youth?
  • Who are those young people connected with sporting groups?
  • Where are your youth exchange students NOW?
  • Who serves you at the local shops?
What do we need to do for our Participants?
All costs of RYLA are covered by the sponsoring Rotary Club. It is recommended that you invite your participants to attend a meeting prior to the seminar to meet the members of your club, and then invite them back to give a presentation upon their return from RYLA.

You need to ensure your participant has a means of travel to and from the RYLA seminar.  You are also welcome to attend the RYLA dinner on the last night of camp to support your participant.

What happens at RYLA?
The core RYLA program is made up of sessions and workshops on:

  • Developing Potential as a Leader
  • Current Leadership Issues for young people
  • Public Speaking and Communication Skills
  • Goal Setting and motivation
  • Developing Self Confidence and Self Esteem
  • Career Guidance
  • Outdoor Activities
  • Special Presentation Dinner and Concert
What are the Aims of RYLA?
  • Demonstrate Rotary’s respect and concern for youth
  • Provide an effective training experience for youth and potential leaders
  • Encourage leadership of youth by youth
  • Recognize publicly young people who are rendering service to their communities