Information for Clubs Sponsoring RYLA Candidates

The document “About RYLA 2020” details the selection process for the candidate. Please note that although a candidate may be nominated by a District 9780 Rotary Club, selection for RYLA is not automatic. The RYLA Committee is duty-bound to examine the applications and select worthy candidates; occasionally this may also result in rejection of a candidate. For some, the RYLA Leadership course may be an intense emotional experience, and may involve a personal examination of past and present relationships; we have occasionally found this to be upsetting to students. In general, selection revolves around the following criteria:

  1. Will the nominee gain from the Leadership course?
  2. Will the nominee be a positive addition to the Leadership course?
  3. Are their factors inherent in the candidate that may detract from the RYLA experience for others?

An early deadline has been selected to allow such selection to proceed thoroughly. Past experience has shown that the nominating Rotary Clubs have put thought into nominations. Thus, in most cases, the nominee will be accepted. It is possible that, from time to time, there may be a question-mark over a candidate relating to their physical or mental condition, past history, or relationships with other candidates. In such a case, a decision would be made by the RYLA committee using the above three criteria. The RYLA Committee, may, with the permission of the candidate and the nominating Rotary Club and their appropriate Director, seek to gain further information by talking to relevant people. The discussion would be confidential. Rotary Clubs are encouraged to contact the Secretary or the Registration Officer for confidential discussion of particular issues associated with any candidate at any time in the Selection Process.

Nominating Clubs or Rotarians should be guarded in their terminology when nominating candidates. Although it is highly likely that a well-qualified, well-selected candidate will be offered a place, it is by no means “guaranteed”. Under the Rotary rules, only the RYLA Committee has the right to offer a place on a RYLA course. It is suggested that nominating clubs or people be positive about the chances of selection of the candidate but point out that there is a selection process, and that the RYLA decision is final.


Rtn Chris Kinley

RYLA Secretary

Email: RYLA District 9780

Phone: 0407561226


Rtn Sherrril McKay

RYLA District 9780 Registrations Officer

PO Box 578

Mount Gambier, SA 5290

Email: [email protected]

Phone 0407 038 332